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HR SaaS Software for Small and Medium sized Businesses – Part III

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HR SaaS Software for Small and Medium sized Businesses – Part III

HR SaaS Software has become the trend in HR Management, even in small and medium sized businesses. And there are software that cater to even start-ups with the flexibility to scale up, as your business grows.

So, we’ve come up with a few of the HR SaaS software again to help you choose the right HR SaaS software for your small or medium sized business:

Breezy HR

Breezy HR caters to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with special emphasis on the recruitment process. The major functionality of Breezy HR includes applicant sourcing and tracking, resume scrutinizing, conducting video interviews, etc. This also gets accomplished with minimal human intervention.

When it comes to pricing, Breezy HR is also very flexible to make it easy for small and medium sized businesses to afford their software and services. Striking a perfect balance between professionalism and price, they offer a two-tier pricing with a fixed affordable price for small businesses and quoted price for large enterprises.

With its special focus on recruiting, the software also posts job openings on all premium websites on your behalf and evaluates candidates as well. Besides, the teams are connected irrespective of their location as it can also be used on your mobile phones.

Similarly, if you are spread across geographies, Breezy HR is for you, as it connects and synchronizes quite well across continents. As already stated, the starter plan starts at $49/month with growth plan at $149/month and pro plan demands that you request a quote.


Zenefits offers cloud-based software as a service to small and medium-sized businesses for administering their human resources.

Zenefits has a well-designed built-in user interface. It offers services such as benefits management where it maintains a separate directory for employees and their benefits, payroll processing, hiring new employees, onboarding, etc.

It also provides Business Intelligence (BI) reporting features for benefits management. Users can also generate different types of reports, as per their needs, to monitor the benefits availedThey can also modify/update the reports using excel.

Zenefits is unique in that it provides a comprehensive list of all the required features in one place at a low-cost with a user-friendly interface, making it highly suitable for small businesses.

With Zenefits, it’s also very easy to store, manage, view and update employees’ health insurance. recruitment, onboarding and all sorts of employee data. The updates happen across the whole platform with the changes being made wherever required.

Zenefits also has an easy to access employee database to track and monitor leave and off-times of employees with great ease. In addition to tracking regular employees, it can also keep track of the hourly wages of contract workers to calculate the wages quite accurately.

Zenefits’s Essentials plan is priced around $8/month per employee, while Growth plan is priced around $14 per month per employee and their Zen plan costs $21 per month for each employee.

We have great expertise, the technical know-how and the human resources required to create custom HR SaaS Software for both your own organization and also to sell to other businesses. Ping us at and visit us at to view our portfolio.


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