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Best Translation Apps for Travelers

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Best Translation Apps for Travelers

One of the challenges most travellers face is language. As with almost everything in the world, there are apps that can translate from your mother tongue to help you learn a new language.
Some of the translation apps work only online, while some others work fully and partially offline as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most useful translation apps for travellers below:

Google Translate

When online, the Google Translate app can translate over 100 languages. Alternatively, you can download over 50 languages and use them offline.

Not many know that Google Translate has an interesting feature called the “Conversation Mode” that can translate speech from both the languages on both ends.

The best thing about Google Translate is its versatility. You can use the app in multiple ways as text to text, text to speech, speech to text, etc. Another interesting feature is you can also translate the text in images, as in Google Lens, to read signs, notes, bills, documents, etc.

You can either take a ready picture or translate images that you have already shot into any of the available languages.

Google Translate translates almost all the languages of the world and covers all the countries.


TripLingo is a translation app for business people who frequently travel to multiple countries. The app translates both text and speech in over 42 languages.

Perhaps, the most unique and the most useful feature of TripLingo is the “Receipt Translation” feature that translates images of receipts into the languages of your choice. With this feature, you can read and understand receipts printed in foreign languages to help pay bills, etc.

TripLingo can also help you perform complex tasks as changing your date of travel, ticket reservation, etc. Plus, you also get a Live Translator Service where a human translator will assist for you $3.50 per minute. TripLingo comes with a free basic version and a premium version that can cost you $20 per month.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator translates only a small number of languages totalling around 60 languages. However, a feature that trumps other translator apps is the ability to translate into multiple languages at the same time.

Working both online and offline, it’s free for Android, Windows and iOS users. You can download the language packs to use them offline, while speech to text translation is available online.

Different translation apps have different features that serve different purposes while travelling. Choose one based on what you will need assistance in the place of your travel. That, hopefully, will serve you the best.

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