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Useful Apps for Travel Junkies – Part IV

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Useful Apps for Travel Junkies – Part IV

While traveling, you have to keep in mind not just one thing but many. Sometimes, you have to consider hundreds of things beforehand, well before you start traveling. To keep all of them in order, you can use mobile apps that can help you with automating multiple tasks. Below are a few of the apps that can help you with many of your travel activities and requirements:


TravelSafe app can act be your trusted companion while you go on a business trip or vacation. The app’s three essential features, as the Destination Awareness Guide, TravelSafe Security Alerts and TravelSafe Essential Library, will apprise you of the recent risk information in your destination. To name a few, the risk information includes terrorist threats, poor weather condition, local crimes etc.

Another feature “TravelSafe Security Alerts” notifies you of the security situation of your travel destinations throughout your trip. It will alert you on curfews, epidemics, terrorist attacks, poor weather conditions, etc. You will get the alert messages round the clock with which you can make alternative arrangements.

TravelSafe also classifies alert messages as either high risk or low risk. You will get the low risk alerts as notifications, while the high risk alerts will be sent via both notifications and SMS.

The last feature “TravelSafe Essential Library” offers security advice in the event of high risk situations. In this feature, you get security advice on planning your trip, child and senior citizen safety, etc. TravelSafe is free to download and use, while they also offer a TravelSafe Pro version.

XE Currency

XE Currency, synonymous with its name, is a foreign exchange app useful for business people and corporate firms. It’s a perfect cross-platform app usable on all of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

In this app, you get live exchange rates, historical charts and last updated rates. The app is real-time and updates you of exchange rates every second or with every tick. So, you can decide when to exchange to get the most value for your currency. You can also use the “Currency Converter” to look up conversion rates.

XE Currency is free to use, while Pro version costs just $1.99. The Pro version updates exchange rates of 20 currencies at once, while the free version displays only 10 currencies, at a time.

Sit or Squat

What can get more important than finding hygienic restrooms and public toilets while on travel? Sit or Squat has data on the locations, hygiene and cleanliness of over 100,000 restrooms.

The app marks clean toilets with “Sit” in green, while less clean toilets are marked as “Squat” in red color. You can also choose toilets based on reviews and ratings on the cleanliness of the toilets and review them yourself after use to help your peers. The app is easy to use, while it comes entirely free of cost.

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