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We are a full fledged IT Development company focused on challenging the boundaries of user-centred design by creating bespoke user experiences





  • 99%

    Twilight’s major focus is Client satisfaction. We operate in a customer centric model where that is the reason why we have a 99% client retention rate

  • 7

    Our Employees average experience metrics is 7 years

  • $4M

    Our Clients have raised a fund of 4M in the last couple of years.


In this era of digital transformation, next gen technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, IOT can simplify, automate and speed of the tasks that we do in our day to day life. Sustaining and adapting to such technology culture will exponentially increase your business possibilities and fundamentally transforming your customer experiences. We at Twilight offer cutting edge technological solutions that delivers value starting from startups to enterprise level businesses with our expertise and experience. Furthermore, Twilight is a powerhouse for entrepreneurs and business owners who are willing to grow their business exponentially.

Thiruvengadam Krishnasamy

CEO – Twilight IT Solutions Private Limited

Our Success Story in a Glimpse

We are India’s best & hand-picked tech talent having experience in working with great companies around the world and across time-zones. We are also the highest paymaster in the industry.

Our Advisors

Aaron Prince
Development Consultant
Dan Brody
Mercenary CTO

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Twilight possess an exceptional team of leaders who can think strategically and execute professionally


Chief Technology officer


Senior Project Manager


IT Manager


Senior Database Manager


Technical Project Manager


Project Manager


QA Lead


Mobile Strategist


HR Manager


Chris Scragg
Chris Scragg
Co Founder -

Twilight is an incredible delivery partner for TruScale. Working with Twilight allows us to continually scale to meet the needs of our customers, and provide tremendous value in a very competitive and crowded US market. Twilight’s commitment to service means that when they are called upon, they swing into action to meet the needs and challenges of their customers, and they deliver. From here, the TruScale & Twilight partnership will only continue to grow

Curtis Ray
CEO - Hupnos LLC

Working with Twilight Software has been successful for us. The time difference allows us to meet every morning and have a quick discussion of progress and issues. Developers are assigned full time to our company and so it feels like they are close team members. A close friend is working with Twilight and told me of his success. I am glad I took his advice.

Muhammad Farid
Ku Muhammad Farid KU YASIN

Working with Twilight is a great experience! Excellent Project Managers, exceptionally skilled developers and highly process oriented. We accomplished whatever we thought by partnering with them and we had a fantastic journey. Highly process oriented company. We accomplished whatever we thought by partnering with them and our journey with them is fabulous

Samir Penkar

With Twilight IT Solutions, we were able to quickly source talented developers who ramped up incredibly fast. With the right mix of talent, process and customer centric focus, Twilight is a delight to work with. The work is solid, communication is transparent and we’re more than pleased with the value they have delivered in a short time.

Our Employees – Our Backbone.

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