Cost Calculator


Development costs for the different platforms are comparable. Choosing two platforms therefore doubles the costs.


For iPhone and iPad


For devices of Samsung, Sony, LG.., etc

Windows (Phone)

For devices of Nokia, Microsoft.., etc


The cost is directly related to the quality. Highly successful apps are often of a high quality.

Low X0.5

Most things work but the app isn't very attractive and crashes every now and then. There's almost no documentation and code quality is bad.


Everything works and the app's interface conforms to the usual conventions. The code is solid and the documentation sufficient.

High X2

Everything works perfectly and quickly. The app is nice to look at and has great usability. The code is modern and clean; the documentation complete and easy to understand.

Number of Screens

The number of different views is a good indicator for the total app size and is used as base value for calculation. Example: An app with an overview, a list view and a detail view would require 3 screens. A typical value for an average app would be 10.


Custom controls

Using the system-provided controls is the easiest way. Apps that don't exactly follow the platform's design standards require custom controls


Custom X2

Device Types

One device type

Smartphone and Tablet X1.5

Screen orientation modes

One orientation

Landscape and Portrait X1.3


If your app handles sensitive information, all aspects of your app are influenced by security considerations.


Hightened X1.3

Supported OS versions

Supporting more OS versions increases the potential user base but increases the costs for development and maintenance

One X0.7

Only the most recent version is supported (coverage of ~40%)


Besides the most recent version, the previous one is supported as well (default; coverage of ~75%).

Three X1.5

The most recent and the two previous versions are supported (coverage of ~90%).

Number of Languages/Regions



App Store 1000

Packaging, Signing, Preflight, Submission, Release

Enterprise 1000

Packaging, Signing and preparations to distribute internally

Special functionality


In-App Payments 5000

Push Notifications 5000

Receive, display and process notifications, even if the app is not running

Keychain access 3000

Write and read protected information/passwords in the keychain

Statistics 3000

Recording and collecting user behavior

WebView 2000

Display one or more websites directly in the app with custom navigation

Maps & navigation

Maps 5000

Display a map view with pins and annotations

Geofencing 5000

Trigger functionality if the user enters a defined geographical region

Data & communication

Database/CoreData 5000

Write, read and filter large amounts of data directly on the device

Interface to server 10000

Submit/receive data via internet

Inter-application Communication 3000

Using URL schemes or Intents to communicate between apps

Bluetooth 10000

Connect to external devices via Bluetooth/BLE

GameCenter 5000

Integrate GameCenter; network and ladder functionality

Photo, video and graphics

Audio/video player 3000

Camera 3000

Capture photos or video

3D 25000

Display three-dimensional content/animations

Image Recognition 50000

Creation/implementation of image recognition algorithms (faces, objects, ...)


Custom keyboard 5000

Custom keyboard for the input of predefined sequences or with custom characters or functionality


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