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No matter where your team members are, with G360
you can always have them in a single room
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Manage your organization efficiently.
Merge your employees and projects in a better way

  • icons Employee Onboarding
  • icons Projects Onboarding
  • icons Complete project management tool
  • icons Connect to a famous project management tool
  • icons Backlogs
  • icons Sprint planning
  • icons Sprint boards
  • icons Bridge the tasks
  • icons Automatic tasks time tracking
  • icons Task planning
  • icons Todo list
  • icons Automatic todo time tracking
  • icons Automatic workday time logs
  • icons Project metrics
  • icons Resource metrics
  • icons Task metrics
  • icons Billable/Nonbillable metrics
  • icons Leave Management
  • icons Permission Management
  • icons Resource Release Management
  • icons Live Work Status
  • icons Performer Board
  • icons Watch list
  • icons Skill Management
  • icons Team Management
  • icons Automatic Screen Shots
  • icons Attendance Management
  • icons Calendar
  • icons Violations
  • icons Activity Center
  • icons Support Center
  • icons Help Center
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Collaborate with your
team anytime and anywhare.

A platform that gives you the realtime status of all your employees, projects and tasks
All you have to do is allocate the tasks to the team members
A complete project management tool that can be plugin with other famous project management tools as well
Gain a 360° view of where things stand
G360 for remote work